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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Zu Hause - Part 2

Following on from a previous post.

The next day I went to the coffee shop for my favourite bagel lunch (again) and saw Thor with my dad. It was my second time watching it but it was still brilliant, if you've seen it but didn't stay till after the credits then you missed something and should go to see it again :-)

We did NOT follow that up with a cheeky beer at our local Wetherspoons...

The next day would be another cinema day, with it bring both Orange Wednesday (buy one get one free tickets) and the opening day of X-Men: First Class it had to be done! First up came the return of  the "Game Meetings" where Russell, Sarah and I would meet every week to talk about the game we were making (and now are again!). This is good news for me because it keeps my creative juices flowing. I'll link to our website and stuff when its ready.

X-Men was awesome, but you need to know about the unusual characters they have chosen to really know what is going on.

The next eventful thing that happened was Friday, it was a 2-fold drinking sesh starting at 4! Good times :)

The first of these was a friend's leaving party from my previous company Sharp. Congratulations Chris! Glad you have been able to get out of there and move on to better things! Maybe one of these days I'll write a blog about why I have such disdain for that company, but not as long as I have friends that still work there.

Saying that I was greeted well from the guys that work there, and even a former manager, and all eager to buy a round and hear some stories about Munich ;). By the end of the drinks there were just as many former Sharp employees as current ones! There were some rueful smiles when I said that out loud.

After this I went to Reading with some friends (including fellow bloggers Sarah and Erik, which you may remember from previous posts). We went for a meal to a Micro-Brewery come Italian restaurant called Zero Degrees. That's an odd mix but a great combo! Some of the best pizza's you're going to get and also a large selection of their own-brew beer.

Then I think we went to Yates' (maybe) and I know we lost Erik at some point. Post a comment Erik and let us know where the hell you went!

I had an early flight on the Sunday morning and I promised my parents that I would't drink much on Saturday night so that I would actually get up when my alarm went off. But what they neglected to mention for a while was that they were having friends over for a meal. Time just flew, those guys were such a laugh. Then I thought "Shit, I need to finish packing", but then at the same time dad thought "ooh now would be a great time to get the Gin out" suffice to say I didn't finish the packing until 2 hours later, after the booze flavoured chocolate and more drinks.

I still got up when my alarm wanted me to, albeit grudgingly. At the airport some dudes way overpacked their luggage in my queue and I was waiting for ages for them to sort it out, to the point where I nearly missed my time to have cleared security. Ah well. All's well that ends well eh? I got to Munich with basically no trouble.

Getting to my home was a different challenge. I didn't fancy spending €50 on a taxi so I took the normal route I go, 2 stops on the train and then a bus that drops me practically at my front door. Great plan. Unless you are stupid enough to forget that the bus (like everything else in Munich) doesn't run on Sundays. Crap, I said. Okay I'll get a taxi from here. Crap, I said. No taxi rank.

The only thing I could really do was walk, it's only 7km. Not so bad. But when you add a 13Kg sports bag with the most uncomfortable carrying straps and a heavy(ish) rucksack it gets a bit trickier. As I got nearer home I realised I hadn't eaten all day and I started flagging. It took well over an hour to get home, and I didn't even put it as "backpacking" in my endomondo program!

I dropped off my bags and went straight out to a beer garden for the biggest schnitzel you can imagine.

Viel Spaß homies!

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