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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My "Running to beer gardens" challenge!

As runners know, when you really feel like going for a run, you go. That feeling doesn't happen every day but it happened yesterday. Another thing that happened yesterday was the first day in a while of bright sunshine and heat, perfect weather for beer gradens!

In this I was torn, should I go to the beer gardens or go for a run - and them my friend Evan suggested on Facebook that I run to the beer garden! Excellent idea.

So as I live in Garching (slightly north of Munich), I thought I would run towards Munich to a beer garden, stop, and take the train back. I found 2 good options, Aumeister and Seehaus, the former being about 5 miles (8km) and the latter 7 (11km). My normal long run is 6 miles, so I set myself the challenge of going further than usual.

I did the 7 miles to Seehaus in 1hr 6 minutes, which is a fairly brisk 9min 20sec per mile, which I was very please with the ability to run at that speed for that far!

And my reward? Well I was in a beer garden so it was of course a maß Radler and a pretzel, and following that a stretch and a walk then the train home. Quite a successful evening in my opinion. Mynext challenge then, is to run to Chinesischer Turm biergarten, which I think is one mile further. This could revolutionize my running training regimen :D

Seehaus is quite an excellent place, so it will get its own post in due course.

You can see a GPS track of my run here.

Viel Spaß homies!


  1. Very well done! I can't even run at that pace for 2 miles!

  2. Have you seen how close our "cooper" scores are? You can for 2 miles :-). I've always been a strong middle-distance runner, not good at sprinting or long distance. Maybe one day I will run a marathon to a beer garden??