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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Zu Hause - Part 1 (Comic Con)

There's no place like home. Even if it's in Bracknell.

This week was the German public holiday of 'himmelfahrt' (say that out loud!) so I decided to take the whole week off and come home for a RELAXING holiday. It turned out to be much busier and tiring than I expected.

It started with the London version of Comic-Con, a sort of geek-festival where you see some guys dressed up as comic book, sci-fi and fantasy characters from alsorts of weird and wonderful worlds.If I had more time to prepare a costume I would have done, but thankfully my friends Sarah Jane & Sarah I had a t-shirt in the form of Lego Darth Vader, awesome :-)

Home made t-shirt FTW! Lego Darth Vader

Real Darth Vader walking in the background

Anyone know who these guys are? Post a comment

Sexy girl with a gun - ahh probably Lara Croft...

"Ghost" from MW2, a real badass


Final Fantasy 7 characters, Cloud, Aeris & Tiffa

More FF7 characters :) A more awesome Cloud, Vincent & Yuffie. Vincent and Cloud are the secret characters in the game.

My friend Sarah made a better blog about this here & here. Check it out!

This was closely followed by drinks in Reading with a former colleague at Sharp, Dave Nash. Was good fun until the way back I paid £32 for a 6 minute taxi! I'm sure I was conned!

The next morning I was once again hungover, which would be a recurring theme until the morning I got home :-)

Okay, so this was a fairly long post so I'll split up my home holiday blogs into 2. Stay tuned!

Viel Spaß homies!


  1. Haha yeah, was meant to say Sarah Jane & Sarah (wrote it on my phone)