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Thursday, 23 June 2011


This Michaeligarten is a beer garden in Ostpark, right by a Lake. On an evening after work it is a really great place to be!

So what drove me to go to a beer garden after work when I had to work the next morning also? Well, my colleague Gyula found a new apartment for his family after a stressful 3 months of searching, congrats again! He went to meet his friends and invited me to join.

It's a Löwenbraü beer garden which makes a nice change because most of the others I have been to have been Augustiner or Hofbraü. I like the beer, both the Wießbier and Dunkel are very good, and the price is OK (€7,40 per maß)

Fans of Bavarian food (and portions!) won't be going wanting here! I had a big portion of ribs and a nice spicy BBQ sauce, good times!

We saw one of the funniest things I have ever seen, a baby trying to drink from a maß!

I'm thinking of cycling somewhere this weekend, so my cycling sabbatical is over! Then i'll post about another beer hall.

Viel Spaß homies!

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