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Friday, 2 September 2011

Today's Office (2)

Some days at work are better than others, last week included two of my best ever days!

So the scenario is that me and my colleague Selim were tasked with determining the roaming behaviour of our Sony Ericsson devices; the closest place for us to do this from Munich is Austria. So between us we were driving around an area known to have "difficult radio conditions", meaning handing over from 3G to 2G etc. While Selim was driving I got these couple of photos...

This is a really amazing part of the world, but the best bits were seen when I was driving! We have a large van, so when we are working in the back we can't really see much, but when driving these mountain roads it's really amazing! I wanted to come back with my bike but the following weekend was rainy and I couldn't find the motivation :(

I'll add all the photos to Picassa (because it's better than Facebook...) Link to follow.

Anyway, that was a cool couple of days work. I'll definitely go back! (both for work and for fun) anyone want to come with me?

Viel Spaß homies!

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