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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Trek 7500

I have to start this post by saying that I am no bike reviewer only an enthusiast. And what is a bike enthusiast without a bike? (i guess just an enthusiast?)

What I needed was a bike that I could use daily for commuting to work, and also that I could go onto the river "Radwegs" which are the trails that follow the rivers. These are normally very rough and would be quite painful for your bum if you take a road bike on them.

The wonderful thing that is the internet introduced me to the concept of a "Hybrid" bike. Its not like a hybrid car and runs on electricity (that's cheating!) but a happy medium between the speed performance of a road bike and the ability to traverse rough terrain of a mountain bike. In short the hybrid bike type is perfect for me.

After visiting several shops and trying their bikes I decided to go for the Trek 7500 (pictured above). It was a little more expensive than I initially wanted to pay but after my first ride on it I could feel the quality, and they gave me a good deal on kitting it out with lights, paniers and this cool lock!

I was so excited when I got the bike that I wanted to post about it immediately, but I decided to wait until I had tried it on the rougher trails. I did that last weekend on my excursion to Starnberger See in my last post. So afterwards, what do I think of my purchase? ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

It ate up every cycling situation that the rolling hills and mountain trails that South Germany could throw at it. It handles downhills much better than my road bike in England and with the extremely powerful disk brakes I was comfortable enough to nearly literally fly down the hills.

Up hill it was slower and more cumbersome than a road bike, but you can't have the best of all worlds can you!

It is also perfectly suited to city riding, it can go fast, stop fast and handle the occasional city potholes with the front suspension.

So I am glad to have found the perfect bike for both commuting to work and for my mental holidays. Stay tuned, next week is my holiday to the Austrian Lakes! :-D

Viel Spaß homies!

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