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Monday, 14 November 2011

Marathon Mini Series: 6-week sitrep

So far I have mostly been posting about my plans and very little on the progress that I have actually made, so here is an update.

6 weeks is a long time when it comes to training plans and quite a lot has happened, but thankfully it was largely uneventful progress. There was one week where I was set back with a sprained ankle, which meant I had to skip one long run. Believe it or not the ankle sprain was not when I was out on a run, or playing football or anything like that, it was running for the bus! So another run-in with a bus got me injured. What am I like eh?

In total I have ran 95.5 miles in these 6 weeks, with the longest one of these being yesterday, a 12 miler completed in 1:57:56. I am very pleased because I managed to keep up a good pace the entire run and also have enough energy for a fast finish. Take a look at the split times (time to complete each mile):

The last 3 miles were my fastest ones, this demonstrates a big change in my running gestalt, where previously I would run to fast too early and not be able to make it through the difficult endurance periods. Now even for long distances I can moderate my energy expenditure better and pay attention to what my heart rate is telling me for a much better long distance running style.

In this time my motivation and determination have not wavered, and every week after my long run I get more and more confident that I can complete the marathon next March.

My message to my readers is that our bodies limitations are only set by your mind, which you yourself have complete control over. If you have a target or a goal for something believe in yourself and anything is possible.

Viel Spaß homies!


  1. Couldn't agree more. It's definitely mind over matter! I battled with my mind for 3-4 miles on Sunday and eventually I had to stop 2 miles from home... Still 16.8 miles... I too am confident of doing it, all though another 10 miles on top of what I done is a BIG ask. Also - there is a MASSIVE gap between 12 miles and 16 miles in my opinion. That's how it felt anyway so watch out for that!

  2. I'm not due to do 16 miles for a couple of weeks, next week I'll attempt my longest ever at 14 miles, then 15 and 16. I do think I have 80% of the effort to go though.

  3. I would agree! I'm not due either but I'm jumping ahead of plan to account for the bad weather and the possibility of injury etc. It's a depressing thought to run 16.8 miles, be close to tears because of exhaustion and then realize you have nearly 10 miles to add on to that!